About Us


National Shipping Services was established in 1984, as a privately owned company with a total of 7 employees; and has since developed a reputation for professionalism and quality and has grown to become one of the leading transportation companies in the middle east.

NSS became a Group of vertically and horizontally integrated transportation and logistics companies; possessing the infrastructure to act as Regional Specialists through the group’s own offices covering the Middle East Region – namely Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq; while having international partners and affiliates to act as a Global Transportation Network.

NSS regards the Middle East as one SINGLE, UNIFIED, INDIVIDUAL MARKET; since the consumer wants & needs; the business trends & cycles; as well as economical growth & prosperity are found to be overlapping in all countries of the Levant Region.

NSS has a wide scope of transportation solutions related to all types of business; ranging from Liner Agency & Freight Forwarding (Local and Domestic) to Marine and Cargo Surveying & Protection and Indemnity.